Christmas Marketing: Actions to Implement

Buen Fin (similar to Black Friday in the USA) has come and gone, giving way to the holiday season, another great opportunity to stimulate your business’s sales. During this period, the number of visitors arriving in Vallarta · Nayarit increases considerably, workers’ income increases thanks to the end-of-the-year benefits, Christmas spirit permeates the city, all creating an optimal environment for purchases. Therefore, it is very important to consider some marketing strategies to attract customers and further improve your numbers before the end of 2018.

Although the first thing that probably comes to mind is applying discounts and promotions (which are generally very effective and useful), you should not overlook the following measures to increase your impact and get a positive result based on a comprehensive strategy.

Christmas Marketing: Actions to Implement, Vallarta Real Estate Guide

Create an Environment and Experience

Surprise your customers with innovative decorations in your commercial space. Remember that the Christmas holidays have a special emotional charge, so it becomes important to captivate customers and create experiences. In addition to the typical decorations such as the Christmas tree, lights and wreath, consider incorporating distinctive aromas within your facilities.

If you think it suits the personality of your brand, you can transfer this same context to your digital platforms, giving them a Christmas aesthetic. Get the most out of your social networks and website. You might even launch some blogs and publications that revolve around this theme and how your products can make the holiday season an unforgettable experience.

Within your point of sale, you can also give customers presents accompanied by a thank you message. You do not need to invest a large sum, as these can range from small gifts to promotional coupons. The important thing is to make that gesture of consideration and kindness that will enhance the image people have of your brand. Even if they do not buy your product immediately, they will take you into account in the future.

Special Events

Currently, malls use this strategy most frequently, offering the free public events with entertainment that increase the flow of visitors and, therefore, tenants’ sales opportunities. In Puerto Vallarta, for example, Plaza Galerías and La Isla Shopping Village each hold a tree lighting ceremony, which primarily attract families and enthusiasts of this festivity. In addition, throughout the month both complexes usually offer theatrical, musical and dance performances related to the holidays. For its part, Plaza Caracol (which recently celebrated its 30th anniversary) has held Christmas carol concerts.

During the year, the wait for the Christmas season is long, so the public wants to enjoy it to the fullest when it finally arrives. Therefore, these types of events usually have good attendance and participation.

Altruistic Initiatives

This season is about giving and sharing. We are not only referring to you personally, as your brand also has attributes and qualities that differentiate it and can generate links with the community. Through altruism, you can honor the Christmas spirit and stand out with good deeds. In the real estate area, for example, Timothy Real Estate Group and House Hunters International hold an annual theme party at the end of November to raise funds for various local non-profit organizations. You could consider organizing a similar event related to Christmas.

You can even directly involve your customers at your point of sale, inviting them to join the initiative. For example, in previous years local Starbucks have called on their customers to donate toys for children from low-income families. Their staff is responsible for delivering them to the children in the days following Christmas Eve.

After Christmas

Finally, keep in mind that offering incentives or discounts on your products and services when no other company is doing so is a good strategy. Consider this option in the days following Christmas, because some people may wait to buy until the last moment. On behalf of the Vallarta Real Estate Guide editorial team, happy holidays and have an excellent season!

Christmas Marketing: Actions to Implement, Vallarta Real Estate Guide