Center for Respiratory Diseases Inaugurated

By Jorge Chávez
May. 6, 2020

A local and international milestone due to its rapid construction (just two weeks), the first Center for Respiratory Diseases opened its doors in early April and has isolated spaces to properly care for up to 18 patients at a time.

The main objective of this project, headed by the renowned Dr. Armando Joya, CEO of Grupo Médico Joya, is to provide an ideal space for the care of people with respiratory diseases, such as those that COVID-19 can cause, so it is equipped with first-class technology that includes a large number of masks, airtight suits, oxygen, mechanical respirators, vital sign monitors and intensive care resuscitators. In addition, it is attended by some of the best doctors and specialists in the region.

This center, which offers its services 24/7, has an intensive care unit with six beds, as well as 12 other beds installed in isolated spaces to provide care for patients with less critical conditions.

The Center for Respiratory Diseases is located next to Hospital San Javier Puerto Vallarta (Blvd. Fco. Medina Ascencio 2760, North Hotel Zone).

“Despite the speed with which this project was built, durable materials were used to ensure a safe space that can continue to operate indefinitely. Through this action, we hope to properly protect the different patients who require state-of-the-art medical care.” —Carlos González, operations manager for Grupo Médico Joya.

Center for Respiratory Diseases Inaugurated

Operated by Grupo Médico Joya, this center can properly care for up to 18 patients.