CENEVAL Exam in Real Estate Marketing to Be Offered


AMPI encourages real estate agents in Puerto Vallarta to obtain a professional degree.

AMPI and CCIE encourage real estate professionals to pursue their degree as “Técnico Superior Universitario en Comercialización Inmobiliaria.” The degree requires passing the exam endorsed by the Secretaría de Educación Pública and Centro Nacional de Evaluación para la Educación Superior (CENEVAL), to be administered May 14.

Registration, available through ceneval.edu.mx, closes on April 14. The exam will be conducted at various locations throughout the country and costs $1,530 pesos.

A second requirement for the degree consists of presenting evidence demonstrating the candidate’s experience in the sector, including completion of five specialized courses, at least one real estate certification, a diploma and attendance at three real estate forums or congresses.

For more information about these requirements, contact Ana Elba Sánchez, CCIE administrative representative, at (55) 5566-4260, ext. 113.

CCIE, Centro de Capacitación, Investigación y Estadística, or Center for Training, Research and Statistics, (ccie-ampi.mx) is an institution founded by AMPI to contribute to the professionalism of its members through the promotion, design, coordination and delivery of educational programs.

“The AMPI Center for Training, Research and Statistics offers ongoing on-line courses related to real estate management, such as Techniques in Real Estate Negotiation, Induction of Applicants to the Real Estate Sector and Search Engine Optimization in Real Estate. In addition, it offers workshops and diplomas that may interest all those working in the sector.” —Ana Elba Sánchez, CCIE administrative representative.