Carlos González: CRAGSA and Its Contribution to the Growth of the Romantic Zone

CEO of CRAGSA, Carlos González (Guadalajara, 1974), one of the top real estate developers in Banderas Bay, has surprised us in recent years with innovative projects in privileged areas, combining quality and intelligent design.

From a very young age, technology and architecture were his main passions, although he ultimately decided to study Business Administration at TEC de Monterrey, discovering what really fascinated him: business. González has managed to combine these three passions to perfection in his work. “I am involved in a business that goes hand in hand with architecture and innovation. I try to get completely involved in the design and conceptualization of each project.”

He moved to Puerto Vallarta 29 years ago, coming from Guadalajara with his mother and three sisters to settle permanently with his father, who divided his time between the capital and the bay, where he opened one of the first real estate offices in Bucerías alongside the Canadian realtor Malena Davis. Eventually, Carlos’ parents decided to open their own real estate office, González Bienes Raíces, the precursor of today’s CRAGSA.

In fact, his parents have been his source of inspiration. “My father, Carlos González, has always been a great salesman, thanks to his charisma and personality. He has always taught us to follow a path of integrity and honesty. My mother, with her strong but loving nature, has motivated us to keep moving forward and trying to improve in all respects.”

Carlos González: CRAGSA and Its Contribution to the Growth of the Romantic Zone

A Company Well-Established in the Industry

The company was born in 2002. “I talked to my father and convinced him to develop a small piece of land in La Cruz de Huanacaxtle. I remember that we only built four apartments, which we sold practically before starting the foundation. That’s how CRAGSA was born,” González recalls. 

Currently, the developer works as an independent builder and is well established in the region. “In these past 15 years, we have experienced constant growth, successfully developing and selling 10 projects in the area, from La Cruz de Huanacaxtle to the Romantic Zone. The company has evolved from being merely a family business, on its way to becoming an institution. You could say that everything began with a real estate office, and over time the market led us to become what we now are.”

CRAGSA is known for its long-term commercial vision. “We offer our clients products that generate value for their investment. We never skimp on quality; the safety of our projects is a priority. We focus on creating experiences; we do not sell properties, but a lifestyle.”

González recalls some of CRAGSA’s most significant projects: “The first we did formally as a company were Velmar I and Velmar II, from which we learned many things. And there was Azul Bucerías, a project facing the sea that was developed after the economic crisis and fortunately was a success. On the other hand, in the Romantic Zone, Zenith is a condominium we finished last year, marked by its contemporary style and always respecting the surroundings.”

Currently, the construction company is immersed in its most recent project: Pavilion. “It is a 62-unit development in the Romantic Zone. And to provide clients more comfort and two different environments in one place, it will have two common areas, with a pool in each area, the first on the fifth level and the other in the roof garden. We have had an excellent response and plan to deliver during the first months of this year.”

A Bright Future

According to the CEO of CRAGSA, the real estate industry in Vallarta · Nayarit continues to flourish: “I believe that growing cities are constantly changing, and the Romantic Zone is a good example, where projects have been created that strive to create an image or brand for the area, but the reality is that here it has been organic, satisfying the needs and requirements of the place.”

Always optimistic, but with his feet firmly on the ground, González believes that the real estate sector will benefit from the destination’s growth and robustness. “We believe that in the short term the demand for housing, commercial and mixed-use units will continue to increase. But we are also aware that the city will continue to evolve to continue being an international destination. The changes that will occur in the methods of building and marketing, the focus on diversity and care of the ecology, they require that companies like CRAGSA be in a constant state of reinvention,” he concludes.

Carlos González: CRAGSA and Its Contribution to the Growth of the Romantic Zone