Care Workshop Held in Puerto Vallarta

By Jorge Chávez
Nov. 28, 2022

Recently, the Los Mangos Library was the venue for a conference-workshop called “Care Lifestyle: A New Way of Living to Humanize the Development of Puerto Vallarta”, held by Leonardo Díaz Borioli, who is a professor at the University of Guadalajara, creative director of Estudio 3.14 and a doctor of philosophy in architectural history and urban form.

Care Lifestyle is a research project that aims to improve development in Puerto Vallarta through a way of living which focuses on caring for oneself, others and the environment. It is an attempt to create a conscious and supportive society, prioritizing health, well-being, and care for the environment above anything else.

“Puerto Vallarta is an ideal city for the Care Lifestyle, since it has seen substantial economic development since the sixties, beginning with the construction of hotels, which sprouted restaurants, timeshares, all-inclusive resorts, and now condominiums,” commented Díaz Borioli.

Activities such as conferences, seminars, surveys, and essays from the people of Puerto Vallarta will lay the groundwork for providing feedback on this innovative lifestyle.

“Puerto Vallarta has a paradoxical situation. While globally there is an economic crisis, interest rates have risen and there is the war in the Ukraine, here there is continued economic strength with more jobs than people to fill them, and that generates the right conditions to create more real estate projects”. —Leonardo Díaz Borioli, creative director of Estudio 3.14.

Care Workshop Held in Puerto Vallarta

This conference-workshop was held by renowned architect Leonardo Díaz Borioli, at Los Mangos Library.