Bucerías: The Bay Area’s New Real Estate Hotspot

By Jorge Chávez
May. 18, 2021

Bucerías, Nayarit is one of the most visited micro-destinations in Riviera Nayarit. It is located 15 minutes north of the Puerto Vallarta International Airport, right between Nuevo Vallarta and the town of La Cruz de Huanacaxtle.

The name of this place means “place of divers,” because some decades ago, most of its inhabitants dedicated themselves to this aquatic activity as a means of subsistence. Although the town was officially established as Bucerías in 1930, its origins date back to 1864, when Spanish ships arrived, and settlers established themselves in the town to sell wood and other products.


The North Shore of Bucerías is a place that offers natural conditions conducive to practicing windsurf sports, which has contributed an awakening interest in buying and investing in real estate by a more active generation.

Bucerías is charming, quaint and has a lot of character. With a short walk through its streets, you will discover the fun and relaxing lifestyle that makes this area popular. That lifestyle is punctuated by popular markets, cobbled streets, facades painted with festive colors and the traditional atmosphere of a Mexican town that transcends borders.

During the last decade, all these characteristics together have attracted the attention of foreign and national visitors. These visitors are now seeing Bucerías as an ideal place to purchase a second home or an income property.

In addition to some beachfront villas and houses with classic Mexican architecture, the main source of available real estate in Bucerías is mainly condominiums with exclusive locations facing the ocean. In early 2015, the most experienced real estate developers in Vallarta · Nayarit began to notice a growing interest in this micro-destination. Shortly thereafter, they began to build on land located in what is now known as the Golden Zone of Bucerías (Lázaro Cárdenas Street and its surroundings). The location then became a popular spot for Canadian snowbirds seeking a more subdued place to live during the winter months. They found the area to be quiet and tranquil—perfect for a peaceful lifestyle.


However, because of the high concentration of real estate sales that this micro-destination of Riviera Nayarit has presented over the years, developers started to look north in the beginning of 2019. The real estate options began to extend towards the North Shore of Bucerías, a place that combines natural conditions suitable for practicing windsurf sports—one of the main and most characteristic attributes of this town.

The North Shore of Bucerías includes the area between Josefa Ortiz de Domínguez Street and the border of the town of La Cruz de Huanacaxtle.

With this new northern development coupled with the exponential growth that the area is currently seeing, interest in Bucerías has been evident among younger buyers. Coming from the United States and Canada, as well as from different parts of Mexico, this market offers an excellent opportunity for those buyers to increase their equity and/or investment portfolio by purchasing in the area.

These new real estate projects not only offer amenities designed to enhance a more dynamic beach lifestyle; they also provide easy and direct access to the beach for owners to enjoy the water sports of their choice. And they offer fantastic views of the lush Banderas Bay for enjoying life at home when they are not on the water.


Present and Promising Future

Nancy Beltrán, real estate agent of Arama Bay by SB Realtors, explained in more detail what this micro-destination has to offer to the Vallarta · Nayarit real estate scene.

“Over the years there have been many changes in this area” she explains. “Since 2017, the real estate market in Bucerías has experienced a new boom. People keep coming because it is a colorful town, with an authentic flavor and it has one of the best beaches in the Banderas Bay. Today, that natural attribute is attracting new generations of water sports lovers.”

“In addition to having a very interesting mix between foreign and Mexican residents, Bucerías has progressed in terms of infrastructure and services. The area offers a wide variety of restaurants and entertainment offerings, as well as excellent commercial and health facilities. All of these amenities make this micro-destination of Riviera Nayarit in an excellent real estate investment option,” she concludes.