BIM Announces Large Investment in National Real Estate Sector

BIM Inversion 2017

Banco Inmobiliario Mexicano (Mexican Real Estate Bank) announced that it intends to invest more than $9 billion pesos and to finance 19,000 homes in 2017, despite the country’s current economic volatility and uncertainty.

During the presentation of his business plan for this year, Gustavo Guzmán Grajales, BIM deputy manager, stressed that although 2016 was irregular for the real estate market, the institution was able to finance more than 17,000 homes and granted loans amounting to more than $8 billion pesos (11 percent more than in 2015).

According to Guzmán Grajales, this year’s goal is to provide loans for small-scale commercial real estate development. And he noted that financing also will be provided for small- and medium-sized construction companies involved in projects such as offices, industrial buildings or remodeling buildings and offices, among other things, including working capital.

Also during the presentation, changes in BMI’s organizational chart were announced, with Víctor Manuel Requejo Hernández as president of the board of directors and Leonardo Arana de la Garza as general manager.

As the new president, Requejo Hernández called on real estate professionals to remain united and asked them not to give up on their projects despite the difficult situation for Mexico since Donald Trump assumed the presidency of the United States.

“It was an atypical year, but, as always, times of crisis make us look toward the future with optimism, and I think we will have a good 2017. The housing industry has features that allow us to see the year offering great opportunities.” —Gustavo Guzmán Grajales, BIM deputy manager.