The Benefits of an Ethical and Organized Real Estate Industry


Originally from Texas, Ron Morgan was brought up in Midland. He studied at Texas Tech University and pursued postgraduate studies in Europe. He began his career in the United States’ real estate industry as an interior designer over 30 years ago. At the beginning of 2000, he retired and purchased his first house in Puerto Vallarta with the intention of making it his winter residence. One year later, he made Puerto Vallarta his home as he found everything he needed locally, in order to continue with his real estate pursuits. As he settled in the city, he began collaborating with several local real estate agencies until he finally decided to found Ron Morgan Properties, his own company.

Currently, he is a member of the AMPI Vallarta Board 2014-16, convinced that keeping the purchasing and selling process transparent, organized and accessible in order to protect the client’s interests, will always be a favorable and enriching approach for the industry.

When we asked about projections for the rest of the year, Morgan comments that, based on the quarterly reports provided by AMPI, local agencies are having the same level of activity during summer and winter. “Nowadays we have a strong real estate community thanks to its organization and long-term stays that make the property sales and purchases process possible.”

As far as the latter part of the year, “the trend suggests we will continue with positive results. We have received much more international visitors and everyday more and more domestic tourists arrive in our destination, leading to new businesses opportunities. Puerto Vallarta presently has more visitors than other Mexican beach destinations–such as Acapulco–and this translates into more real estates transactions in the region.

Very much to our fortune, Puerto Vallarta features several interesting zones for potential buyers: “I love the Romantic Zone and enjoy living a few steps away from my office. Moreover, there are a lot of properties on sale in this area—in addition to those that are being built—so showing them is easy. We can show thousands of dollars’ worth of properties by simply walking or driving for 10 minutes.”

“Even though our destination was originally seen as the perfect retirement or semi-retirement place by Americans and Canadians—where they could plan their future with great detail—in recent years I have noticed my clients are around 45 years old. This shows that Puerto Vallarta and Riviera Nayarit are attracting a younger market that is well aware of this zone’s potential. If we take into account the quality/price ratio, and add accessibility, safety, medical services, practicality and convenience; then we have an oceanfront community like no other in North America.”

Compared with previous years, the development of commercial projects, houses and offices has led the local and national real estate industry to experience a surge in activity so far this year.

In large measure, the professionalism experienced by the real estate industry nowadays has been possible thanks to the rules and organization implemented by the Mexican Association of Real Estate Professionals (AMPI) since it was founded in 1956, when it was known as the Mexican Federation of Brokers and Real Estate Managers.

60 years later, the evolution of this association has successfully adjusted to changing times, leading all the actors in the real estate industry (development promoters, sellers, managers, consultants, appraisers and financial advisors) to remain interested in becoming more professional to nurture and make the industry grow as expected.

“Without a doubt, society at large benefits from an association like AMPI because the buying and selling process often requires to place people’s assets in the hands of a stranger, who has to be honest and prepared to answer any question, under any circumstance, in order to provide anyone involved with trust and confidence.”

In closing, “people interested in buying or selling a property, should seek a professional real estate agent. This way, they can receive open and honest advice about legal matters, and access to the list of formal real estate developers, as well as private clients with all documentation in order. Those who want to sell their properties, will have direct access to a network of marketing and commercialization experts.”