BaDeBa College of Engineers and Architects Celebrates Anniversary

By Jorge Chávez
Nov. 30, 2023

Early last month, the College of Civil Engineers and Architects of Bahía de Banderas (CICABB) celebrated its twenty-sixth anniversary with an event that brought together more than 70 members of the educational institution.

Jorge Balderas, president of CICABB, shared his enthusiasm and highlighted the importance of this school in the development of the municipality of Bahía de Banderas: “26 years ago, a group of engineers with a vision came together when Bahía de Banderas was just a small community. They gave birth to the original college, but that’s where we came from. From that moment on, we began to collaborate with the city council in the creation of laws and regulations, as well as in the formation of a regulatory framework. Keeping in mind that Bahía de Banderas is a young community, we must create regulations, laws and introduce ideas, thus contributing to its development.”

Balderas also highlighted that Bahía de Banderas is the municipality with the greatest projection for population and development in Nayarit and stressed the importance of the participation of professionals in the formulation of public policies, particularly with regard to urban growth.

The event was attended by CICABB members and municipal authorities, who renewed their commitments to future agreements that promote organized and sustainable growth in the region.

“The participation of the association is essential, since we are made up of professionals who have direct contact with investors. We interpret their urban development plans and provide them with guidance for their investments.” —Jorge Balderas, president of the College of Civil Engineers and Architects of Bahía de Banderas.

During the event, the importance of professionals participating in the formulation of public policies was emphasized.