The Art of Showcasing a Property

Realtor at an Open House

One of the most common activities for real estate agents is showcasing properties to potential buyers, whether they are trying to sell a specific property or seeking the perfect home for a client among a catalogue of residences. While it is true that in both scenarios is important to be prepared to offer relevant information, in the first case it is pivotal to take into account some considerations in order to achieve a successful open house and sell the residence faster.

Make the property look stunning

The most important part begins well in advance. Make sure the property has the appropriate conditions to receive visits from buyers. A few months ago, the US National Association of Realtors (NAR) produced a checklist with recommendations to keep in mind before hosting an open house, including regular maintenance and keeping the property in a clean condition (along with minor repairs), using good lighting and ventilation in all rooms, removing personal items and turning on any feature that can enhance the ambience (such as fountains, water features or garden lighting).

What can you do if the property is old or doesn’t look modern? This is one of the most common situations faced by those engaged in the business of reselling properties. In the United States industry, there is a term describing a practice that could be very useful: Home Staging, which is the improvement of the property’s areas by minor renovations that can make a huge difference, enhancing the look of the property. Removing furniture to create ample spaces, installing lighting features or a new floor, painting outdoor and indoor walls, and placing decorative items and contemporary art works may very well make the difference between selling faster and at higher prices.

During the tour

Since buyers are guest in the property, it will always be important to make them feel free to move about the spaces. As a real estate agent, make sure you let them know they can walk through the area with complete independence. As a matter of fact, it is highly advisable to do a first tour in order to explain the amenities and provide information about the house and then let them experience the place by themselves. Apart from giving them a moment to think about the last questions they may have, this will allow them to create an emotional connection with the residence.

According to NAR recommendations, it is not advisable to have the owners at the place when showing off a property because this may lead potential buyers to feel uncomfortable and self-conscious about expressing their opinions.

Letting the residence speak for itself

If you work in Puerto Vallarta and Riviera Nayarit’s high-end market, consider the amount of information you offer your clients. If you exaggerate its features, you run the risk of sounding presumptuous or oversaturating your client’s mind. Instead, let the spectacular ocean views, the exquisite finishes of the property or its many amenities speak for themselves.