APIVAC Realizes Training in Legal Prevention

The Asociación de Profesionales Inmobiliarios de Vallarta, A.C. (APIVAC) (Association of Real Estate Professionals of Vallarta, A.C.) afforded training to about 60 agents and real estate administrators at the Hotel Marriott CasaMagna in Marina Vallarta. The course, titled Prevención Legal en Operaciones Inmobiliarias (Legal Prevention in Real Estate Operations), consisted of three presentations given by specialists in the field.

Jorge Carbonell, principal operator of Keller Williams Bienes Raíces in Mexico, began the day by presenting some approaches from the book El Agente Millonario de Bienes Raíces (Millionaire Real Estate Agent), written by the founder of the company, in which the best practices of some of the 100 most successful entrepreneurs in the sector are explained.

Then, Reynaldo Álvarez, from the law firm Álvarez y Asociados, explained how real estate professionals can protect and properly use their clients’ personal data. He spoke about the nature and implications of the privacy notice and the possible legal sanctions in this matter.

Lastly, law professor Felipe de Jesús González Romero presented Aspectos Legales en el Arrendamiento de Inmuebles y Administración de Rentas (Legal Aspects of Leasing Properties and Administration of Rentals). During his talk, he explained the components and clauses of a lease agreement, presented some examples of frequent conflicts and offered recommendations to protect both owners and tenants.

“It is important that people managing real estate know in depth all the aspects that are needed to rent a property and that both the owner and the tenant are legally protected.” —Felipe de Jesús González Romero, law professor and speaker at the APIVAC training.