AMPI Nacional Integrates with CONCANACO-SERVYTUR

By Jorge Chávez
Apr. 16, 2024

Recently, the national board of directors of the Mexican Association of Real Estate Professionals (AMPI) unanimously approved the integration of the guild into the Confederation of Business Chambers of Commerce, Services, and Tourism (CONCANACO-SERVYTUR).

This event, celebrated during the swearing-in ceremony of the new leader of CONCANACO-SERVYTUR, Octavio de la Torre de Stéffano, positions the national president of AMPI, Emilio Rojas Cobián, as vice president of Real Estate Developments. This union promises to drive innovation and profitability to promote national economic growth.

AMPI is the leading real estate association in Mexico, with a presence in 97 sections throughout the country, operating through nearly 10,000 real estate professionals, with a record growth of 20 percent in 2023 and a contribution of 5 percent to the Gross Domestic Product (GDP). Meanwhile, CONCANACO-SERVYTUR represents 4.8 million small, medium, and large businesses that contribute 62 percent to the national economy.

Rojas Cobián, accompanied by a group of advisors and the association’s director, Jaime Bahena Legorreta, supported the newly appointed president of the Chamber and reaffirmed AMPI’s commitment as a leader in the real estate sector in Mexico.

“Our new position in CONCANACO-SERVYTUR will allow us to be closer to federal business organizations and more focused on market movements.” —Emilio Rojas Cobián, national president of the Mexican Association of Real Estate Professionals.

This integration promises to expand the business vision of its associates and provide more investment opportunities for Mexicans.