AMPI Foresees Dynamic 2017

AMPI Foresees Dynamic 2017

Gustavo Solares Campos remarked that real estate industry represents over 14 percent the of national GDP.

Gustavo Solares Campos, national president of the Mexican Association of Real Estate Professionals, remarked that 2017 will be a year filled with opportunities and challenges for the real estate industry, which will help the sector to maintain the dynamism experienced in recent years.

During his participation at the AMPI National Real Estate Congress 2016—celebrated in Puebla a few weeks ago—the head of the organization also mentioned that the real estate sector is the second largest gross domestic product (GDP) generator in the country with 14 percent, which stands out as a safe option for investment when compared with other markets that are going through a period of economic instability.

Likewise, Juan Carlos Lastiri, Urban Development and Housing undersecretary of the Agrarian, Territorial and Urban Development Secretariat (SEDATU by its acronym in Spanish), emphasized that his government department and the entire Federal Government consider AMPI as a strategic ally and they will provide the organization with all the support needed for the development of the industry as the sector is an important employment and services generator.

“We are talking about 14 percent of national GDP and this shows that our country still has strong, economic sectors. Therefore, the government should promote their consolidation as strategic sections. The real estate sector is one of them. We are fostering the housing momentum to keep rolling towards economic and social prosperity, and employment generation”. –Juan Carlos Lastiri, Urban Development and Housing Undersecretary of the SEDATU.

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