10+ Tools Every Realtor Should Use

By Jorge Chávez
May. 8, 2020

With the passage of time, the work of real estate agents has gradually changed. Most of those who have remained and wish to remain successful in this highly competitive market have adopted different media, platforms and applications that make them more responsive and efficient professionals who can maximize their time and manage activities remotely and/or without complications.

In order to help maximize time and efficiency on a daily basis, Vallarta Real Estate Guide presents some of these tools and describes how their functions can be of great use to this profession.

10+ Tools Every Realtor Should Use

Media, platforms and applications to generate business and maximize time and efficiency.


· Print Advertising
Whether in magazines or newspapers, this classic marketing tool continues to attract potential clients for property sales. This is a solution that today, given the diversity of promotional media, complements and strengthens the advertising strategy of both real estate agencies and independent agents.

· Website
Increasingly accessible and easy to implement, this tool is essential for any agent seeking to disseminate their portfolio of properties. When developing it in WordPress (a content management system), a series of plugins are available that allow extending its own capabilities, so the result can be a flexible and dynamic website.

· WhatsApp Business
This application has become the best communication tool worldwide because, in addition to its already known attributes (sending text messages, photos, videos and documents, as well as making calls and video calls), it allows you to create group chats, exchange contacts quickly and send broadcast messages to various contacts or groups at the same time.

· Social Networks
Having a presence on social networks contributes to improving visibility and building trust. The most popular for the real estate industry are Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram and YouTube, platforms that help to humanize the brand, show the company’s values and, above all, remain present in the minds of those who may become clients.

· Google Calendar
This tool is basic for any real estate consultant, since with it you can synchronize email accounts to keep your day-to-day life organized. In addition to being able to view the calendar in different ways (day, week or month), it is used to add reminders of pending tasks and create important events to which a warning alert can be added.

· Dropbox/OneDrive
These applications provide a safe place to store files of any kind. Their great advantage is that, through a smartphone, tablet or computer with internet, you can work and access them at any time. In addition, the tools allow you to share files and folders with colleagues and/or clients quickly and easily.

Customer Relationship Management is a solution aimed at managing three main basic areas of the real estate industry: the commercial issue, marketing and after-sales service, so it allows you to manage a large set of features ranging from the management of leads or prospects, customers and contacts, to collaboration between teams and colleagues.

10+ Tools Every Realtor Should Use

(All available for both iOS and Android, from their respective official stores)

· MagicPlan
This application allows you to prepare the plan of a property by capturing images. It really only requires a mobile device to take photos of each room in the house, and then the plan is built automatically and interactively. Once done, the tool allows you to send the plan by email to the prospect, who can get a general idea of the property’s characteristics.

· Adobe Photoshop Express
With this tool, images can be improved through a very easy to use “digital studio.” Having experience in taking pictures can help, but the goal of this app is to reduce your possible mistakes. Thus, the most used functions are perspective correction, noise removal to get sharp images and collages to join photographs, among others.

· CamScanner
Through the camera on a smartphone, tablet or computer, this tool helps to scan documents, store them and synchronize the content. In addition, this mobile application can make clips to enhance a presentation and share files in PDF or JPEG format via social networks and/or email quickly and easily.

· Canva
To design graphic compositions such as presentations, brochures, posters, website banners, flyers or any other element that needs logos and images, this application is the ideal tool. In addition to offering a multitude of formats and templates that can be easily combined, you can use both your own photos and those that can be purchased within the same application.

10+ Tools Every Realtor Should Use