The Industry that Brought Out the Best in Óscar Reyes

His entry into the real estate industry was by chance. The desire to better himself and avoid falling into a comfort zone led Óscar Reyes to enter a sector that he says fascinates him and has left him with achievements he never imagined, such as being president-elect of the Guadalajara chapter of the Asociación Mexicana de Profesionales Inmobiliarios (AMPI) (Mexican Association of Real Estate Professionals).

After several years of working for a transnational company, he decided to leave the manufacturing industry to work with a friend who had a construction company and gave him the opportunity to enter the real estate sector, in the area of sales and marketing.

“I decided to make a change in my career, and a friend of mine who has a construction company asked me, ‘Why not come to the construction company while you decide what to do? I need to establish a sales and marketing area.’ In this business I found a career that I have been enjoying more and more.”

The Industry that Brought Out the Best in Óscar Reyes, Guadalajara Real Estate Guide

For Reyes, in the real estate industry a person is his own limit. He points out that one of the great lessons this sector has taught him is that performance and quality of work are key to obtaining the recognition of the client, who places all his trust in you, providing more responsibilities and areas of opportunity.

“At the same time, if you are trained correctly, you are going to have organized and structured growth, which allows you to form your sales team, liaisons, management, and you yourself will be growing effectively.”

He says that after developing the sales area, first with houses, then with commercial premises and lots, he decided to create Place Me, a company that has been dedicated to marketing and consulting on real estate projects for eight years.

But at age 30, what has been the key to his success? For Reyes, being persistent and dealing with frustration have led him to achieve his goals and not give up on a market that, like everything else, has its highs and lows.

“You have to have a very thick skin because of frustration, because just as there can be very high sales, there can be many lows, so consultant turnover is very high, because not everyone can hold out, especially when you’re starting and do not have enough contacts to be able to generate sales.”

He stresses that, for him, in the most critical moments, family becomes the best ally to overcome any challenge, no matter how big or small it may be.

He adds that training has been a fundamental part of his career, and it was through AMPI Guadalajara that he found the opportunity to learn more about the sector, from a vision with professional ethics and guidelines that allow providing more responsible advice to the market.

A member of the board of directors in the past two administrations, little by little, Reyes was making his mark in the sector and in the association.

“I am in love with this way of working: dealing with clients, being on the street, helping families find a home, helping investors make their business more productive.”

Year of Challenges for AMPI

Reyes says that the action plan during his administration will be based on providing a vision of training that leads to federally recognized certification, promoting a real estate law, giving AMPI a greater regional presence, carrying out practices of social responsibility and creating agreements with technology companies for the modernization of digital platforms for the sector.

“The first one has to do with the training and certification of consultants. It is not enough just to train, because you need certification at the federal level to show we are very responsible in our work.”

He stresses that one of the major priorities will be promoting a real estate law to give guarantees to those who utilize the real estate sector and to support the professionals that make up the real estate industry.

“The associations are concerned about keeping our members as proficient as possible, but there is nobody to regulate it. We want to achieve, at least, that it becomes an initiative so that we can push it from there.”

He explains that another important issue on the agenda will be promoting AMPI in the market, reaching people who still do not know about the benefits offered by the association. Along these lines, he adds that it will be a priority to carry out actions that involve social responsibility.

He concludes by commenting that the plans will include working on the modernization of the association’s digital platforms and the promotion of technological tools useful to members, through agreements and arrangements with technology companies.