Opting for Fideicomisos in Real Estate Recommended

In the last seven years, Fideicomisos de Inversión en Bienes Raíces (FIBRAS) (Real Estate Investment Trusts) have yielded investors up to 150 percent, while other types of stock market shares only increased their value by 50 percent in the same period, according to Fibra Monterrey.

This type of investment allows participating in professionally managed real estate with greater flexibility to buy and sell, within a regulated and audited environment, so that one avoids being a victim of some type of crime.

Fibra Monterrey says that, in addition to diversification of the value of properties in various sectors, the greatest added value to investment is in assets that also offer greater stability in volatile external situations by having medium- and long-term leases that allow dividends to be paid to investors frequently.

Fibra Monterrey recommends guaranteeing participation in the funding of the same through a brokerage house appropriate to the needs and profile of the interested party.


“Depending on the choice, you can have benefits such as a specialized service, competitive commissions, financial reports and/or ease of managing your own account.” —Fibra Monterrey.