Novamar Holds Third Vallarta Insurance Day

A few weeks ago, insurance broker Novamar Insurance Mexico held the third edition of Vallarta Insurance Day at Hotel Sheraton Buganvilias Resort & Convention Center. The event included lectures regarding insurance policies available in the region and their coverage, as well as claims processes.

During this third Vallarta Insurance Day, Novamar executives, professional adjusters, claims staff and insurance underwriters gave seminars and talks where they answered questions and offered guidance.

The day began with the talk “Ley de Navegación Mexicana y Seguros de Barcos” (Law of Mexican Navigation and Boat Insurance). Then, the topic “Póliza Automotriz Mexicana: Cobertura en USA y Canadá” (Mexican Auto Policy: Coverage in the USA and Canada) was addressed. This presentation was followed by “Póliza Maestra de la Asociación de Propietarios y Póliza de Propietarios” (Master Policy of the Owners Association and Owners Policy). And finally, the lecture “Condiciones Preexistentes de Salud” (Pre-existing Health Conditions) was offered.

Vallarta Insurance Day also offered information tables featuring various insurance companies that collaborate with Novamar, including Qualitas, Zurich, Seguros Atlas, HDI Seguros, AXXA and Medipet.

“This event is a good opportunity to become familiar with the different insurance options, clear up doubts about current or past insurance policies and learn about the differences that exist between the coverage of Mexico, the United States and/or Canada.” —Roberto Castellanos, director of Novamar.

Novamar Holds Third Vallarta Insurance Day, Vallarta Real Estate Guide 2019