Millennials: Key Clients for the Real Estate Market

Five out of ten people interested in buying a home belong to the millennial generation, according to the real estate advisory platform Tu Cantón, which points out that this sector (those born between 1980 and 2000) had been perceived as having little interest in housing as an investment.

The firm indicated that the majority of millennials still have not formed a family, so they have greater freedom to acquire personal and entertainment items. However, obtaining a home at an early age is a window of opportunity, since their credit rating is optimal, an indispensable requirement for the financial system to grant any type of credit.

In addition, the company noted that the sooner the credit is obtained, the sooner the property will be paid off, which will allow the owner to enjoy their assets or request another loan to increase the value of their property.

Millennials: Key Clients for the Real Estate Market, Guadalajara Real Estate Guide

According to consultant Deloitte, the millennial generation will represent 75 percent of the world’s workforce in 2025. This group that has privileged advantages compared to other generations represents a niche of opportunity for real estate companies.