Guadalajara Delineates Housing Policy

With the aim of promoting housing with more affordable prices, the recovery of properties and the expansion of properties to increase housing units, the government of Guadalajara announced the program Rehabilitar la Ciudad (Rehabilitate the City).

Mayor Ismael Del Toro reported that this program seeks good growth and redensification of Guadalajara. He noted that 55 percent of the area has had a population decline, a situation that

requires implementing a strategy that encourages greater investment and settlement of the population. With this policy, the three social models (affordable housing, split housing and rehabilitation of the Historic Center) will focus on facilitating various procedures and services related to the expansion of housing within the city, including the creation of independent homes within the same property, the construction of vertical housing at affordable costs and advice and support for those owners of properties in the Historic Center who want to rehabilitate them and rent rooms for housing without modifying their structure.

According to official data, Guadalajara has lost more than 200,000 inhabitants in recent years due to the increase in the price of housing and the increase in cheaper real estate in other municipalities of the metropolis.

“We paid special attention to this model and requested that it be a proposal that blends the different visions. We have to change the housing industry’s way of thinking, because the business model cannot always be the same.” —Ismael Del Toro, mayor of Guadalajara.