Five Decades Focused on the Construction Sector

For five decades, Eduardo Eugenio Gómez García has spent a large part of his time in an industry that has given him the opportunity to strengthen his skills, overcome challenges and help others through his work.

“I am happy to be working in the construction sector for 50 years. I love it and it fascinates me, because the most important thing is that you get to know people. My career prompted me to help and to grow by helping.”

Eduardo Gómez García, Five Decades Focused on the Construction Sector

A civil engineer graduated from the University of Guadalajara (UdeG), Gómez shares that what has kept him current and strong in his field for so long has been acting without partiality and producing quality work, to add to the positioning of the sector in the country.

A few months ago, he was recognized as one of the most outstanding entrepreneurs in the state for his career in the construction industry, receiving from the Consejo de Cámaras Industriales de Jalisco (CCIJ) (Council of Industrial Chambers of Jalisco) an award as a distinguished industrialist, representative of the Cámara Mexicana de la Industria de la Construcción (CMIC) (Chamber of the Mexican Construction Industry).

“It means a lot to me. I was very happy to receive it, and I feel very satisfied to have obtained it.”

His first encounter with the construction sector was at age 19, while in the third year of his civil engineering studies, with one of the most significant jobs of his career: remodeling Hospital Ayala, which he carried out with the company Constructora Orendain, headed by Eduardo Orendain Hernández, a wonderful teacher, partner and promoter of his career whom he remembers with great affection.

The remodeling of the hospital gave him the opportunity to satisfy the desire of a university student who seeks a successful career and to not miss any opportunity that allows him to learn from those who already know how to do things.

“Master mason Mr. Ángel taught me many things. When I started I was 19, and he was a 60-year-old man. We were working on remodeling the hospital, he as foreman. When I would say something to him, he would answer, ‘Listen, that’s okay, but wouldn’t it be better to do it like this?’ He always treated me with respect, calling me ‘engineer’ although he knew I was still studying.”

After the remodeling of the most important medical center in the region at that time, opportunities were greater for both Gómez and Constructora Orendain, as they were able to follow up with more jobs at the national level for the Instituto Mexicano del Seguro Social (IMSS) (Mexican Institute of Social Security).

“It was very interesting and important work, because Hospital Ayala was always in operation and never stopped functioning.”

Doing Things Right

Gómez, a seemingly simple man proud of his work team, shares that one of the things he most appreciates in each job is the opportunity to interact with new people, from the laborer and foreman to the architect, businessman and investor.

His formula for working is clear. “If you are in charge of a job, you get involved with people, you get your hands dirty, you know everything from the material to the design. Then you know how to do your job well.”

“In each job, the most important thing is that you get to know people, so I spend time with the laborers and everyone. I have managed to meet people from all over the country, which has allowed me to learn more and above all to know how to work with people who have other customs. If I have a job in Chihuahua, I know that I have people that I trust and that can help me there.”

He notes that this synergy opens the door to generating new job opportunities in the locality where the job is located, since “I look for people to work on the project who are from that place. I try to ensure that the money spent on labor goes to local people.”

From Cancún to Tijuana, in different states of the Mexican Republic, Gómez has participated in public works for institutions such as IMSS, ISSSTE, INFONAVIT, FOVISSSTE, the Secretaría de Salud (Ministry of Health) at federal and state levels, as well as private companies such as Pepsi Cola, Banca Promex, Bancomer, Soriana, AutoZone and Scotiabank, among others.

For several years he has worked alongside the CMIC (Mexican Chamber of the Construction Industry) at national and state levels, where he has headed such commissions as treasury and training, taking affiliated groups to Latin American countries, as well as Spain, Argentina and Brazil.

Gómez says that what he values and appreciates most is to remain in good health in order to remain with his family, with whom he is very close, and to stay active in each job handled by his company, Gotop, Construcciones y Proyectos SA de CV, founded 18 years ago.

“Many people ask me why I have not retired, and I tell them that I do not have to, because we can do much more in life. Of course, that depends a lot on your health. I really want to live and keep moving forward,” he concludes.

Eduardo Gómez García, Five Decades Focused on the Construction Sector