Book on Urban Transformation Presented

Within the framework of the Feria Internacional del Libro (FIL) (International Book Fair) and within a few days of finishing his administration, the now ex-Governor of Jalisco Aristóteles Sandoval presented his book “Where Did We Get Lost? Manual of Urban Transformation,” which addresses the growth and infrastructure of the city.

He says his book is a historical analysis of the metropolis since the beginning of the last century, in which he explains how the city developed in an orderly fashion before the policy of growth, the abandonment of community integration and the lack of interest in public spaces ended the correct urban development of the city.

The former governor points out that there is still time to get back on the right path and that the city can only be realigned by recovering public spaces, avoiding real estate speculation and promoting public transportation and the use of bicycles.

“We began to create more conditions in the private interest realm, and that’s where we got a bit lost. Omitting the realm of public interest led us to create an improvised city.” —Aristóteles Sandoval, former governor of Jalisco.