Bigger Boost to Housing Foreseen

After receiving the Pilares de Progreso (Pillars of Progress) award from the Cámara Nacional de la Industria de Desarrollo y Promoción de la Vivienda (CANADEVI) (National Chamber of the Development and Promotion of the Housing Industry) of Nuevo León, architect Antonio Elosua Muguerza said that the housing sector in Mexico will experience a big boost with the new federal administration.

He stresses that “The incoming officials do not intend to stop the housing progress. They understand how important it is for the economy, and they will do everything possible to boost it and return to important years of growth.”

The architect says he hopes the new administration will invest in education, so that everyone will be productive, and a culture will be generated in the country where everyone wins, since a win-win situation must be Mexico’s objective.

“I think that if a company wins, then investors win, customers win, users win, those who work in the company win and those working on the job win.” —Antonio Elosua Muguerza, architect winner of the Pilares de Progreso award.