AMPI Goes for Real Estate Law

With the aim of providing guarantees and strengthening the real estate sector in the state through a regulatory entity, the Asociación Mexicana de Profesionales Inmobiliarios (AMPI) (Mexican Association of Real Estate Professionals) will promote the development of a real estate law in Jalisco, says Óscar Reyes, president-elect of the organization in Guadalajara.

“We are very concerned about keeping our members qualified, but there is no one to regulate them, as happens, for example, in the United States or in Quintana Roo itself, where there is already a mandatory certification to sell real estate, but in Guadalajara it does not exist,” he explains.

Reyes says that this would reduce the poor practices that affect the industry, as well as those of people who pretend to be highly trained real estate consultants but do not have any type of preparation.

Likewise, he says they will seek to allow real estate consultants access to a certification at the federal level “to demonstrate that we are prepared and responsible in our work.”

The new president of the organization, as well as the members of the board elected in the internal elections held last December, will take office in the first week of this month.

“One of my priorities during my administration is that this law is realized. We want to ensure, at least, that it becomes an initiative so that we can push it from there.” —Óscar Reyes, president-elect of the Guadalajara chapter of AMPI.

AMPI Goes for Real Estate Law, Vallarta Real Estate Guide